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Robert Waggoner
Vice President
Premier Collegiate Communications

Successful recruitment has become an arms race. Colleges and universities are continuously seeking to find better ways to communicate with prospective students. The personalization of communication with prospective students has evolved from individualized direct mail and specific messages based upon student interest to tailored web experiences. Well, you have to see the latest in personalized communication. Variable digital printing is the next phase. Imagine the ability to send color, picture postcards to students in a manner that personalizes the name and message. The options are virtually unlimited. You can specify the picture, the specifics of the image, the message on the postcard? front and/or back based upon individual characteristics!

The uses for the technology are unlimited. It brings a fresh approach to student search. Individualized postcards could be so much more effective than the standard college or university brochure. The technology can be effectively incorporated into a direct mail series. Consider using the technology to encourage students to visit the campus. Influence students into participation in orientations. Feature athletic programs, specialized by individual athletic opportunity. Expose students to co-curricular activities. Emphasize the benefits of under-represented majors on your campus.

Variable, digital printing has become popular in business and industry over the last three years. It is still relatively new in higher education. Colleges and universities have the opportunity to take advantage of cutting edge communication tactics. Take advantage to super-personalize your communication with prospective students!

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