Louisiana State University at Alexandria Continues Unprecedented Growth

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The last decade has been extremely difficult for public colleges and universities in Louisiana. Tax cuts and funding reductions have decimated the budgets of public institutions. Consider the following:

  • Louisiana has cut $684 million dollars from public higher education since 2008.
  • This amounts to a 40% reduction in the last decade.
  • The state has cut funding more than any other state in the country.
  • Louisiana still faces a $900 million deficit for the current year so additional cuts are likely.
  • It has been estimated that another $70 million could be cut from the higher education budget.

One institution is growing in spite of budget cuts. Enrollment has soared at LSUA since the arrival of the new Chancellor, Dr. G. Daniel Howard and the implementation of a new recruitment and financial aid plan. The growth at Louisiana State University at Alexandria has been extraordinary and it continues as enrollment outcomes were released for Spring 2016.

  • Total enrollment is up by 13% this Spring.
  • It marks the highest Spring enrollment in more than ten years, when the University had ?open enrollment.?
  • The number of newly enrolled freshmen grew by 140% compared to the previous year.
  • The number of new transfer students jumped by 38%.
  • The number of students participating in dual enrollment at LSUA increased by 28%.
  • Significant gains were also realized with international students, minority students and out-of-state students.

Congratulations to the Chancellor and enrollment team at LSUA for increasing college attendance rates in Louisiana and providing educational opportunities despite budget cuts.

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