Maximizing the Effectiveness of Direct Mail

David Waggoner Vice President Premier Communications Direct mail, properly utilized, can effectively project the impression you seek to establish with prospective students and can be influential in the college selection process. Quality direct mail correspondence can generate interest, encourage students to apply for admission and significantly increase yield.? Most colleges and universities budget a considerable amount of money to produce professional, 4-color recruitment literature. A great deal of time and effort are devoted to finding just the right words and images to create a great first impression, sustain interest and position the institution in a positive light. Unfortunately, not as […]

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Guiding Principles for Transforming Your Publications

Marcia Nance Vice Provost for University Marketing and Dean of Enrollment Management Barry University Every decision you make about recruitment publications should be informed by the results of solid market research. Once the market research has been assessed and a brand strategy agreed upon, these four guiding principles will inform the decision making and creative processes involved in transforming recruitment publications.

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Identifying a Financial Aid Problem

John W. Dysart President The Dysart Group, Inc. The financial aid operation at a small college or university can have an enormous impact on institutional success. The focus here is not on compliance issues, but on policies and procedures in the Financial Aid Office as they seek to support institutional goals regarding recruitment, retention and net revenue.

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