Enrollment Innovation During Covid-19

COVID-19 has presented higher education with many unique and unprecedented challenges. No institution has been spared its impact—national or global, public or private, liberal arts or research institutions, nor those with large or small endowments. It has become clear in the higher education landscape, however, that those who acted swiftly and thoughtfully appear to be in better shape than their competitors who waited to enact a plan.

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It’s a Good Time to Audit Your Website for It’s Appeal to Prospective Students and Their Families

I am always surprised when reviewing enrollment management operations at colleges and universities how often I discover that the institutional website does not support recruitment efforts. While websites have been critical in the recruitment and financial processes for decades now, many colleges and universities have not taken even initial steps to upgrade the electronic experience for their customers. Given the current pandemic, the website has never been more important.

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Ten Financial Aid Practices to Avoid

During these challenging times for enrollment managers, the focus tends to be on admissions. Enrollment managers are working to grow the inquiry base, better focus search strategies, increase folder completion rates and maximize yield. While juggling all of the recruitment issues related to admission, we can lose sight of the importance of the financial aid operation.I have had the pleasure of visiting more than 200 colleges and universities throughout the United States and have taken detailed looks at the various approaches to financial aid. When identifying problems with approaches to financial aid, the missteps are fairly common.

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