Mars Hill College Continues Record Growth

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John W. Dysart
The Dysart Group, Inc.
Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, North Carolina, posted a 34% increase in new student enrollments for Fall 2011. This success has continued into the new term with additional growth realized for Spring 2012.

The good news began with an increase in the size of the customer base. Students indicating an interest in enrolling at Mars Hill College grew by 21% for the January term compared to the same time last year.

The aggressive communication strategies utilized the previous cycle were applied to the new inquiries. Early notification of scholarship eligibility, systematic communication and an emphasis on campus visits resulted in a 27% increase in applications.

Communication with applicants for admission was even more focused. Admission counselors used the telephone, text messaging, email and social media to encourage prospective students to learn more about MHC. Students responded in a positive manner as the number of applicants accepted for admission jumped by 54% over the previous year.

The real evidence of an effective strategy shows in the number of newly enrolled students. The College realized a 29% increase in new students and enrolled the largest Spring class in literally decades.

Recruitment increases continue. The data for upcoming Fall 2012 is very encouraging. Applications for admission are up another 30% compared to the record numbers posted last year. Craig Goforth, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management, is leading the enrollment team to enroll even more students. He is working to actively educate every prospective student on the advantages of a Mars Hill College experience. In this difficult economy, prospective students and their families must be convinced of the value of a private college experience despite higher costs when compared to public institutions. At Mars Hill College, communicating value is paying dividends.

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