Another Milestone at Ferrum College in Virginia

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John W. Dysart
The Dysart Group, Inc.

More good news continues to come out of Virginia. Ferrum College has been on a historic, record-setting enrollment growth trend since Dr. Jennifer Braaten took over the presidency.

So much has been accomplished during her short tenure including:

-rapid growth

-academic program expansion

-additions to the physical plant

-new athletic offerings

-additional co-curricular opportunities

-green initiatives

-targeted retention efforts

Well a new milestone has been reached at the formerly small college located in Southwest Virgnia. The total enrollment at Ferrum College will exceed 1,500 students for the first time in decades.

Despite the intense competition for students, the attractiveness of public institutions in the Commonwealth and bleak economic conditions. Ferrum also realized another increase in the number of new students this year.

While most other private colleges and universities are dealing with enrollment stagnation, Ferrum continues to thrive and grow.

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